Meego 1.0 for Netbook Review

Meego is released on the next day I received my HP Mini 210 netbook, It makes me feel relieve as I already bored with the functionality lacking Windows 7 Starter bundled with the netbook. It's time for me to try a new linux on my netbook!


Updating to KDE 4.5.0 in Mandriva 2010.1

Updating to KDE 4.5.0 in Mandriva 2010.1


Display Scrolling Lyrics with LrcShow-X in Amarok

LrcShow-X is a program that i found recently that will overcome those weaknesses mention above. It will scroll and highlight currently playing line and it can store and fetch the lyrics locally.


Install and Configure Sudo in Mandriva

Sudo is not included in Mandriva 2010.0 One, but it is important in carry out daily administration task. We will discover how to install sudo and configure it in few easy steps.


Changing Theme in Gnome Environment

The phrase "Linux is free" not only means that it is free, but also tell us that you can freely customise your operating system so that it suits you. You can freely download and customise your desktop's theme which make your desktop environment comfort for working.


Torrent Sharing Tools Comparison, Deluge, qbittorrent & Transmission

Compare between Transmission, Deluge and qbittorrent, which one is the best?


Everything is new!

Annoucing the new layout, new logo, new slogan, new theme and new style of Linux4us.org","linux4us.org, share linux use linux