Running Mandriva 2010.0 Live Pendrive with Mandriva Seed

I'm having a bad day on the day Mandriva 2010.0 released, i discovered my DVD burner spoilt after i downloaded Mandriva 2010.0 Live CD. Luckily, i found out that all the iso for this release is actually hybrid iso where you can burn it onto a CD/DVD or dump it into your USB sticks.

I can't just copy the iso into my USB sticks as it definitely won't work, i need to get Mandriva Seed in order to dump my One Live CD iso into my pendrive.

Following the link and downloaded Mandriva Seed, Just enable execution for the file and run it, you'll get a very simple dialog with few buttons as shown below. Please note that you will be prompted with root password before you can execute Mandriva Seed.

Root password
Interface of Mandriva Seed

Once you see the interface of Mandriva Seed, you are only three steps away from completion, first choose the iso file you have downloaded. Second, make sure your USB stick already plugged in and is correctly detected. Finally click the "Create Live USB" button.

iso file selected
creating live USB in progress

3 minutes and 15 seconds after you press the create button, you will get a screen below indicating you have created a Live USB stick, close the program and restart your computer and boot into your USB stick to enjoy the newly release Mandriva 2010.0.


Download link:

To run Mandriva Seed for Windows, just unzip it and run the execution program, the process should be the same as show above.

Enable Execution:

  • In bash or terminal, type chmod a+x to enable execution and then type ./ to execute
  • In file manager ( dolphin or nautilus ), right click on the file, click on the permission tab and tick the "is executable" checkbox. Close the properties dialog and single or double click the file to execute.

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2014-08-10 16:06:50


2013-03-11 04:17:08

maybe this help you

2011-11-27 02:27:27

Been trying to get de Mandriva seed to work on windows but still tell me no usb media, tried changing the usb as well...........Finaly I decided to try the Joli cloud USB creator with the Mandriva and worked like a charm!!! got mandriva Installed here

2011-08-31 23:52:31

not working for me.. I use windows 7 ultimate

2011-06-22 12:47:47 download bootice.exe for windows and format your pen drive/usb drive

Rana Sahoo
2011-05-03 01:44:23

I use mandriva seed tool on Win7 Home Professional.and all time show unable to find any removable device.hepl me...

2011-04-04 22:26:48

Hi frnds! Can any one tell me why i dont find the desired drive letter for my pendrive in mandriva-seed ? I m using it in win 7 ultimate. Windows finds the formated pendrive but not the seed !

2011-02-28 00:10:04

Same problem here, no removable device. Tried on Win7 Home Basic and Home Professional...

2011-02-15 14:55:35

Every time i try to sue the Mandriva Seed, it says that no removable devices are found. I must be doing something wrong. Any Suggestions?

Ahmed Faissl
2010-10-28 00:03:26

works like charm, but I can't make it persistent! what are usb good for then..? there must be a fix. also for some reason the program labeled my pendrive with the name "resize me", when I entered the partition manager I found that the pen drive now has 2 gigs of hidden partition and remaining 6 gigs are empty space, this should be related with the "resize me" thing. it should ring some bell, but I have no clue..

ola johansson
2010-10-25 04:13:33

its a pity thats pendrive linux solutions doesnt cover linux but you guys who face problem with hidde partition after create boot device can safely umount and remove the device and put it back again ,use a partition manager live gparted , gparted can be download as a livecd also and thats a more safe way to partition your disk , paritionate inside linux can be a trick if youre not used to the terminal , but gparted is a exellent tool as livecd btw will try mandriva seed if it works with 2010.1 one , thank u

2010-08-27 03:22:30

If someone have this problem, Linux have solution about this ))) So I find the solution here: thanks to everyone :s

2010-08-27 02:23:31

hello, now I have problem. I have install Mandriva spring 2010 with this program on my USB, to try the OS. And now I can't erase from it. My USB was 2GB before, and now is only 1MB. The OS is hidden inside, in somekind hiden partition. But with formating I cant erase it. Look;s to me that this program was made some hiden partition, and I cand turn it back my USB like it was before. So please someone help me. Sorry about my poor english

Ola Johansson
2010-08-18 23:00:32

Semen , you have to get visual runtime 2008 to run mandriva seed in windows .plz try again

2010-08-17 00:01:50

Move you windoz to trash! Use Linux! Great! It works!

2010-08-14 23:29:14

WTF? I tried to use it under Windows XP and Seven, but it doesn't work... Execuse for my poor English, please.

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